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This online course will give you a detailed roadmap to excellence in your digital marketing career. You will learn how to effectively strategise and implement powerful digital marketing campaigns that drive conversions, from social media marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to integrated multimedia marketing strategies.
ECollege delivers the course in conjunction with the Digital Marketing Institute, whose industry professionals set the global standard in digital education.
With a robust grounding in core concepts, you will have the marketing expertise to craft compelling digital marketing campaigns.

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  • Duration: 20 weeks

  • Exam: Certified Digital Marketing Professional (awarded by the Digital Marketing Institute)

  • Support: eTutor Supported

What’s Included

  • All course content

  • Practice exercises and quizzes

  • A certification exam voucher

Course Topics

Prerequisites & Requirements

There are no mandatory prerequisites, but the course is technically demanding. We recommend that prospective students are familiar with basic computing and digital marketing concepts.
If you have a strong drive to learn how to creatively engage with digital users through dynamic strategies and new technologies, this course is for you.
All students should have access to PC or Laptop running Windows or AppleOS.
A broadband connection is essential to stream video content.
You only require a web browser to view the content and access web platforms.


Virtually all businesses include digital marketing as an essential component of their overall growth strategy. After earning your Digital Marketing Professional certificate, you will have an advantage when pursuing employment in this rapidly evolving field. This qualification will create opportunities in diverse industries, in junior roles as a content strategist, social media specialist, email marketing specialist, User Experience (UX) designer, and many more.


After earning your Digital Marketing Institute qualification, you may wish to further explore digital marketing by enrolling in specialised courses or a university degree. ECollege also provides further digital training in complementary skills, such as:

  • Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop
  • Graphic Design and Illustration using Adobe Illustrator
  • Print and Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign

Is this course for you?

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Course Code: NC 09852

Please note

  • This course is not currently available through Fetch Courses
  • If you are unemployed you can gain access to this course through the DSP/INTREO offices