Project Description


This advanced online course provides a global industry standard accreditation in Java — the world’s most widely used general purpose computer programming language. Java is a cross-platform, high-level language, which is free for developers to download and use.

The course will teach you the core application programming interfaces used to design object-oriented applications with Java. You will also gain a deeper insight into Java applications, such as those that manipulate files, directories, file systems and databases. You will learn Advanced Java Class Design, generics and collections, Java Stream API, Java I/O fundamentals and exceptions and assertions.

Java is one of the world’s most dynamic programming languages. Its English-like syntax makes it relatively easy to learn, and a Java program can run on almost any platform.

And with a solid background in Java proficiency, you’ll have easily transferable skills if you choose to learn related languages such as C and C++.

What’s Included

  • All course content

  • Practice exercises and quizzes

  • A practice exam

  • A certification exam voucher

Course Topics

Prerequisites & Requirements

Either one of the following courses is a mandatory prerequisite:

Java SE 8 Programmer I


Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer

If you have already built a foundation in Java but you’d like to unlock further programming potential, this course is for you.
All students should have access to PC or Laptop running Windows or AppleOS.
A broadband connection is essential to stream video content.
You only require a web browser to view the content and access web platforms.


After earning your Java SE 8 Programmer II certificate, you will have an advantage when applying for various web, app and software development roles. You will also be more suited to roles in Enterprise Java Bean programming and testing.


An industry standard Java certification is a solid foundation for further academic development in the field. If you complete this course, we recommend the following eCollege programmes:

  • Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS
  • Microsoft Technology Associate Software Development Fundamentals
  • Software Testing- Certified Tester Foundation Level
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Project Management Certified Associate

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Course Code: NC 09859