Step 1: eCollege Browser Compatibility Checker

Click here to visit the eCollege Compatibility Checker.

To ensure compatibility with the eCollege Moodle web-based applications, you can use this browser compatibility checker to review your system and browser settings. Please ignore any Java errors.

Step 2: Check your Internet Speed)

Click here to check your Internet Speed.

Check your internet speed to make sure that you have at least 5MB of download speed, which is required to run this course. Dongles (mobile broadband) are not recommended due to their instability

Step 3: Update Java

Click here to install or update to the latest version of Java.

Only some courses will require Java, please check with your eTutor.

Step 4: Update Adobe Reader

Click here to install the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader is used to open ‘pdf’ files. If you already have Adobe Reader, you are not required to click on this link. Some modern web browsers also have a built-in PDF reader.

Step 5: Allow Popups for the eCollege and Associated Sites

You will need to allow pop-ups for the eCollege site to function correctly; you can allow pop-ups for a specific site only by following the video below.

For privacy reasons Vimeo needs your permission to be loaded.
I Accept