This article explains the most common issues for progress tracking, and how to troubleshoot them. Click here for the article.

1. Skillsoft Schedule Maintenance

Information on Skillsoft Scheduled Maintenance

Your course material is brought to you by a company called Skillsoft; please be advised of their weekly maintenance schedule. You will not be able to access your course material during these times:

Wednesdays: 6am to 7am

Sundays: 6pm to 8pm

If you notice the system is down at other times, please do report this to eCollege.

2. Skillsoft Content Playback

In the event that a user closes their browser window via the red ‘X’, instead of using the player’s “exit” button, course communication could potentially be impacted. Please ensure that when you are closing the Course Player window, you use the ‘Exit’ button  at the top right-hand side of the Course Player window. As a reminder to exit via the exit button, Skillsoft has implemented the following warning message to which you can click ‘cancel’ and then exit the course correctly.

Please close this tab when you have finished reading and return to your course.

3. My network connection might be poor


The most common causes for progress issues are temporary network problems, like a poor connection or temporary disconnect that may prevent communication between the course and the Learning Management System (LMS). Network problems can be caused by a wide range of factors.


The best precautionary tool is to make sure you’re connected to a strong network. If you believe your connection is poor or you’re accessing a course using a public WIFI, it might be better to hold off and access the content later and from a better network. It may also be worthwhile to use an ethernet cable instead of WIFI, if available.

4. Skillsoft Books 24/7

Each student has a maximum of 15 chapters which they can download from our online eBooks catalogue (Books 24/7) over a 12 week (90 day) period. After this period, the counter is reset to zero, and a further 15 chapters may be downloaded over the next period (and so on).

*Please be careful as the download limit can be reached very quickly.

5. My browser might not be configured properly

Check out these simple steps to make sure your browser is optimized for training.

6. I opened a course and forgot about it


The Skillsoft course player has two timers. If you leave the player idle for 5 minutes, it will stop accumulating duration. If you resume interaction, the timer will reset and duration will start accumulating again. This is separate from progress tracking, however, you should keep this in mind if the completion criteria require you to spend a certain amount of time in the course. After 60 minutes of inactivity, the course player will stop tracking progress, terminate your session and present a timeout message to close the course.


If you’ve received a timeout message it means the course was inactive for too long and progress will not save. Simply close the course and re-open it. But in the future, if you believe you’ll be away from the training for an extended period of time, we recommend closing the course to save your progress. You’ll later be able to re-open the course to where you left off.