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We are pleased to launch our newly updated lineup of Information Technology Specialist courses at eCollege.

Now you can enrol in HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Python and Databases.


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This course is very helpful to me as I don’t have any prior knowledge in coding and it is designed in a way that it’s easier to understand and to navigate through. I am truly grateful to eCollege. My Tutor has been extremely supportive in encouraging and supporting me to learn and study Python. This course is very helpful for me, who wants to return to work after many years of being a stay at home mom. I truly believe that this course will help me to learn further and will provide good employment opportunities. Thank you so very much.

Python Student, eCollege
I’m really enjoying the course. I am really blown away by the depth and availability of high-quality learning content. Didn’t think I’d find it so interesting and (somewhat) easy to grasp!
HTML and CSS Student, eCollege

During these pandemic times, lockdowns, etc. eCollege allowed me to change my life and get skills in an area that I was always into, but had never had the chance to get qualifications.

With excellent tutors, eCollege made that road easier.

Databases Student, eCollege