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This online eCollege course, which is divided into six modules, will teach you all the Irish words and phrases which you will need for general conversation: to meet and greet, to express your thanks and bid farewell. The course will also give you access to a very robust phrasebook. For some, it may be the first step towards being able to help a young child with Irish homework.

The enthusiasm and interest generated by the 1916 celebrations highlighted the beauty of the Irish language and culture. The desire to speak a little Irish has become more popular now than it has been for a long time. Informal coffee and chat groups are springing up in most towns. The dedicated TV channel TG4 has brought the Irish language right into the 21st century. People now see how this rich language as a connection with Irish cultural heritage and the ancient Irish way of thinking. Simply being able to greet and thank a fellow Irish person is a truly special connection and a way of saying: ” I’m proud to be Irish!”

Unit 1: Irish for beginners 

  • A series of recordings will introduce you to basic Irish phrases and words.

Unit 2 to 5: Conversation and grammar

  • Once you have grasped the concepts in unit 1, the course reviews conversations that take place in different social settings.

Unit 6: Culture

  • This unit, which is updated regularly, introduces participants to songs, poems and stories relating to Ireland, Irish heritage and the Irish language.

Within the programme, there are numerous quizzes that test your knowledge after each module.

Certification: On completion of the course, you will be awarded a Moodle digital badge.

Fee-paying information: This course is not available to purchase


Moodle for Teachers has been designed to provide secondary-school, and further education teachers, the tools to partly deliver their course in an online environment, or aid classroom teaching, learning, and assessment. 

Moodle is a free and open-source Learning Management System (LMS) that provides teachers with ways to teach, interact-with, and examine their students through a web-based platform.

Benefits of Moodle:

  • It is fun and engaging for students
  • Reduces workload for teachers
  • Notes, slides, videos, and other learning material can be easily shared 
  • Many kinds of tests and quizzes can be shared and automatically corrected
  • Assignments can be issued, submitted by students, and easily corrected - all on the site
  • Everything is stored, so notes can be reused
  • Communication with learners is automatically saved
  • There are features to encourage group work and communication between students
  • All work that learners do on the platform is logged, making it easy to track their progress

Moodle can be used as a useful tool for classroom teaching. It can be used in conjunction with classroom techniques for ‘blended learning’ or a ‘flipped classroom’, or can be used to create a completely online course.  Moodle can be used to aid any course, but it's greatest asset is when teaching a course or subject for the second time; all previous work (such as the course design, content creation, assignments, tests etc.) can be reused.

Course Content:

Getting Started

Introduces you to the course 

Why Moodle?

See many of the benefits and possibilities of using Moodle

Settings and Navigation

How to make your way around Moodle as a teacher and add content

Moodle Resources

Learn to share notes, slides, links, pages and videos

Assessment Activities

Create a reusable quiz that is corrected automatically, and a reusable assignment which can be submitted and corrected online

Moodle Activities

Share interactive tutorials, create reusable questionnaires to get valuable information from students, create an interactive glossary, and create an activity so that learners can collaborate online.


Use the Announcements Forum to share news and information with students, create customisable Forums where students can ask questions or collaborate, and use Moodle Messaging or chat features.

Monitoring Progress

Create clearly monitored progression paths, monitor the content that students have viewed and completed, and monitor results of quizzes and assignments.

FET Resources

Familiarise yourself with the resources available to ETB teachers, and access teaching resources through Moodle.

During the course, you will receive:

  • All course content
  • Assignments and quizzes to test your knowledge
  • A practice course, in which you can familiarise yourself with Moodle
  • Teacher support
  • A Moodle badge (upon completion of the course)

Course Duration: This course is delivered online and on-demand. It is self-paced and, as a result, the time taken to complete it may vary. However, indicated times are:

Video-content length: Approximately 2 hours
Estimated time to complete the course: Approximately 30 hours (variable)