The standards are completely different!

One of the downsides with Project management as a profession is that they haven’t yet standardised the jargon or agreed on one set of best practices. Project management bodies across the world have their own take on it, and while none of them seems radically different, they are all different enough to mean you need to learn their way before taking their exams.

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CAPMPrince2 Foundation
It’s not compulsory to have project management experience for CAPM, as long as you can demonstrate 23 hours of formal project training instead (the eCollege course itself satisfies this requirement).There are no prerequisites for applying for the PRINCE2 exams (although it will be certainly easier to understand the concepts if you have spent at least some time working on projects).

CAPM stands for Certified Associate Project Management. It is the most basic project management certification. It is recommended for newbies who have just started their careers in the field of project management.

Usually, the individuals who are interested in enhancing their skills and boosting their scope of implementations take this course. Many take this course and work on projects simultaneously. It helps individuals to create better understanding and build strong project management basis, which allows you to differentiate from other candidates.

PRINCE2 stands for Project In Controlled Environment’s Certification. It is quite different from the rest of certifications as it is a process-based that helps individual in understanding the step by step procedure of handling any project effectively till its execution. In this, individuals can learn to develop definite procedures and templates.

The main focus of this course is on the project where they discuss the theories related to it. In this course, an individual will have the highest level of practical implementations and practices while dealing with all sorts of projects.

Regions and Popularity
Very popular in the US and with US companies worldwide, increasing in popularity in the UK.
Used by larger companies
Popular in Australia and Europe.
The best option for smaller companies. Process-driven and practical.
What you will learn
Based on PMI’s PMBOK, it will introduce you to the techniques required to be a project manager; it will show you the skills and the how tos of project management.PRINCE2 – Owned by AXELOS, will introduce you to the methodology of how to run a project, the whens and whys.
Course Content
  1. Project Management Essentials
  2. Project Management Integration
  3. Project Management Scope
  4. Project Management Schedule
  5. Project Management Cost
  6. Project Management Quality
  7. Project Management Resource
  8. Project Management Communications
  9. Project Management Risk
  10. Project Management Procurement
  11. Project Management Stakeholder
  1. Overview of Project Management
  2. Project Planning and Risk Management
  3. Project Quality, Change and Progress
  4. Starting Up, Initiating and Directing a Project
  5. Controlling, Managing and Closing a Project
  6. Tailoring PRINCE2 to a Project Environment
Examination Details

Questions and format
150 questions, Multiple choice, closed book

3 Hours

Pass Mark
There is no percentage pass rate, it is marked using a below average/average and above average scale.

Where can you sit the exam?
It can be completed in a Pearson VUE exam centre or through online proctoring at home/office.

To maintain your CAPM, you must retake the exam every five years.

Questions and format
60 questions, Multiple choice, closed book

1 Hour

Pass Mark

Where can you sit the exam?
It can be completed through online proctoring at home/office.

Does not expire

Post Certification
CAPM certification acknowledges your level of dedications towards the profession of project management. Individuals that have CAPM certifications are considered to be good managers of resources and time. It helps individuals in developing a strong project management base which helps them in the long run. If we discuss the cons of this certification, then it seems that it is not preferred in all types of organisations. Usually well reputable and big organisations prefer an individual with a higher certification level, such as PMP and PRINCE2 Practitioner (eCollege do not offer this Practitioner exam yet).PRINCE2 helps an individual in learning the titles of different positions such as project manager, senior supplies, financier and project executer. PRINCE2 certification symbolises the individual would be able to handle all sorts of projects smoothly as a PRINCE2 certified individual has the greater practical implementation of theories than the rest of the project management certifications.
Progression (not on eCollege currently)
If you decide to do a CAPM, you then have the option to follow it up with the PMP certification if you meet the Project Management Institute criteria.You can follow up immediately with the Prince2 Practitioner course.
Since 2014, AXELOS, the company that has responsibility for the PRINCE2 credential, recognise the PMP and CAPM qualifications as acceptable alternatives to the PRINCE2 Foundation qualification as a prerequisite requirement for sitting the Prince2 Practitioner exam.
32 Weeks enrolment duration on eCollege16 Weeks enrolment duration on eCollege