Software development courses open to beginners

Choose where you start! We have a choice of three courses in the area of software development open to interested, motivated beginners that do not require prerequisite certification.

What eCollege computer programming course should I start with?

Java Associate

It is a good idea to look into any 3rd level course you are interested in as much as possible and ask questions to anything you can’t find the answers to in your research. Going into a technical course with your eyes open, and your expectations matching the syllabus and the workload is important.

If you are interested in programming, we have three entry points. Although multiple courses are encouraged one after the other, only one course should be taken at a time. All our online courses are self-paced within an enrolment period.

If you have an idea what area of software development you want to pursue, then there may be more specific conversations to have but when people ask me which language they should start with, my (very) general advice is this: 

“If you know your goal is to create websites or web apps, then you should start with HTML, then add CSS, then add JavaScript.  For all other programming goals, or if you’re not sure what you want to program yet – start with Python. “

You should still go in with your eyes open and I’d recommend starting to learn programming from a book or YouTube, even for a short time just to get a proper taste of what you’ll be studying before signing up to a 3rd level course.