What is Prince2?

Prince2 (PRojectsINaControlledEnvironment) is a proven best practice methodology and has been in use for about thirty years. It is highly versatile because it can be used to deliver any type or size of project in any sector. It is also used worldwide.

Prince2 has two levels of competency, foundation level and practitioner level. The introductory level is foundation.

Prince2 Foundation Exam

Prince2 Foundation Certificate

This certificate is the introductory level for Prince2. It is primarily for those wishing to get started with a recognised project management qualification and provide those starting out, with a project management career path. It is also relevant for those seeking to get involved in projects in their organisation and working within the project team.

The foundation certificate enables the delegate to:

  • Understand the project environment and how it interacts and supports operations

  • Understand how to act as a team member within the project environment

  • Gain an understanding of project management language

  • Advance to practitioner level

  • Attain a globally recognised certificate

Prince2 Foundation Exam

The exam is made up of a multiple-choice questions paper with sixty questions to be answered. The exam is focused on the delegates understanding of the project environment and how it fits into the business and interacts and supports the business. There are four answers (a – d) with mainly one correct answer and no negative marking. The pass mark is 55% or thirty-three correct answers. There is no grading other than pass and fail. Typical question types include:

  • Which of the following is the best answer? (four good statements included)
  • All the following are correct except? (or what is incorrect!)
  • Several are correct (choose two)

The exam can be taken in an exam centre, online in your home or office with a proctored test.

Tips to Pass the Exam

The best tips I can offer for passing the exam are to have a good understanding of:

  • The Prince2 language

  • How Prince2 (and projects in general) fit into the business environment

  • The differences between projects and operations

  • The Prince2 principles (Topic 1)

To find out more about our Prince2® course, be sure to check out our course page and apply today.